Cocci Family buy the Tenuta La Borriana in the late 80’, working immediately on the best land, both on the agricultural part and the real estate restructuring and giving life to the farm and a beautiful farm holidays. La Tenuta is in the territory of Carmignano, province of Prato, a few kilometers from Florence , on the beautiful Toscan hill to about 200 m. S.l.m., in what was a part of Barco Reale, hunting reserve of the Medici family , Granduchi of Toscan a take part ,today, od the Road of Wine of Carmigniano and flavours of Prato as well as of the Consorzio of Protection of Wine of Carmignano. From research on the historical records, the start of the farms belonging to the Estate, dates from the end of 1500 beginning of 1600, initially, with the vineyards and olive groves, was obtained by oak woods, the wood that was used for the realization of the barrel a the hearth. From the Cipressaie was obtained the wood for the fixtures, portals and supporting beams for the construction. On the Tenuta existed and still exist, a little furnace for the realization of terracotta bricks and small utensils for daily use. On the 1716 the Grand Duke Cosimo III of Medici emanates a proclamation, for the wine of Carmignano stable precise a strict production standards which effectively anticipated the contents of today’s DOC and DOCG of Tuscany that the same wine then conquered in 1975 and 1990.

To date, our agricultural activities is to produce a wide range of quality wines IGT, DOC and DOCG; Tuscan honey and olive oil, besides the famous dried figs of Carmignano. 
The surface of the seal is spread over 30 hectares of which 12 are specialized vineyards in altitude between 150 and 200 mt s.l.m., 5 hectares of olive grove, the orchard, 4 of oak woods, 4 of cypress forest and 4 arable. On the summer period, benefits from the breeze coming from the sea that mitigates the sunny days; making a significant difference in temperature between day and night giving exciting perfume from the grapes that are found in wines.

The farm is certified organic-farm from 2015.

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